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We work with you to understand what makes your organisation different – our focus is on you and your clients and the quality of your services.

IHCA Certification scales up or down to work with organisations of all sizes and we work in culturally secure ways, with respect for the backgrounds and cultures of our clients

From your first contact, we treat you with respect and listen to you to understand your uniqueness. We work with you in planning your audit or assessment, we conduct a professional assessment of your service against the relevant standards and we provide you with a report that highlights what you are doing well and what areas you need to work on.

Our objective is to support every client on their continuous quality improvement journey – to provide the best possible services to their service users.

Regardless of the standards you are being assessed under, there are a few things you can do to make the audit process run smoothly:

  • Your audit plan will indicate the groups and people the auditor/s will need to meet with and the approximate times for these meetings. Take note of these so that everyone is aware and not “surprised” on the day. Wherever possible, please arrange for people to be available.
  • Your on-site audit will commence with an opening meeting where your lead auditor will explain the process to be followed and key information about the assessment process.
  • Interviewing service users, consumers or participants is a very important aspect of a human services audit. Well ahead of the on-site audit we will ask for de-identified information and our auditor (and technical expert if involved) will make selections from this information about who they will want to interview and which files they will be reviewing.
  • Remember to let your service users or participants know that your audit is occurring, and invite them to attend the opening or closing meetings if they wish.
  • As well as interviewing service users or consumers, the auditors will want to interview staff and observe your service operations.
  • At the closing meeting, the auditor will explain their findings to you and any corrective actions that need to occur and the timeframes for these. If you need clarification on anything, you can speak to your auditor or phone the Certification Manager.
  • Above all, remember that while assurance about the standards of quality and safety in the services you deliver is important, encouraging continuous quality improvement and organisational learning is also essential for high performance.

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