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The Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) are an initiative of the Department of Human Services of the South Australian Government. IHCA Certification work closely with your organisation in planning for the audit, the audit process and the timing of the audit cycle.

The ASES Standards support small and medium sized community and non-government organisations to improve their business systems, management practices and service delivery. Accreditation to the Standards is a three-year cycle. IHCA Certification has extensive experience in partnering with all types of human services organisations across Australia, supporting them in strengthening business performance, improving quality systems and reducing risk.

There are to pathways to achieve accreditation to the ASES Standards – Certificate and award level. Organisations need to achieve accreditation to the Certificate level before commencing with the Award level.

Certificate Level

Your journey towards achievement of the Certificate level commences with the completion of a Self-Assessment Workbook. Through this process, you will be able to demonstrate that your organisation is operating confidently and efficiently and applying sound management principles. You will be able to demonstrate that your people are working in a safe and healthy environment, that there are effective communication mechanisms and that there are strong partnerships. You will also be able to demonstrate that you are delivering services that achieve the desired outcomes for consumers.

Award Level

At the Award Level, you will be able to demonstrate all of the requirements of the certificate Level, along with a supportive leadership culture that has the capacity to continuously review and improve. Your organisation will also be focused on achieve results with the outcomes that you are achieving for your service users.

In both pathways, the Audit Team will comprise auditors who are experienced in assessing organisations such as yours. They will verify your organisational work practices by reviewing your policies, procedures and records, conducting interviews with board, management, staff, people using services and other stakeholders as appropriate, and observe the conduct of activities onsite.

Formal Accreditation Decision and Award

IHCA Certification will provide a final written report to your organisation, which will be accredited against the Standard if there are no nonconformities or where corrective action requirements have been met. Upon certification, your organisation will be issued with a certificate confirming your organisation’s conformance to the standards. You will also have the right to use IHCA Certification’s distinctive symbol in promotional activities, together with the ASES Quality Logo.


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