National General Practice Accreditation Scheme

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IHCA Certification is committed to working closely with General Practices in planning their audit and achieving accreditation against the requirements of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Standards for General Practices (5th edition).

This voluntary accreditation program operates over a three-year cycle with no mid-cycle assessment required.  Successfully achieving accreditation under the Standards for General Practices .

Accreditation Assessment

The audit team will consist of at least two auditors – a qualified general practitioner and a qualified nurse, practice manager, allied health professional or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health worker / health practitioner with relevant experience in general practice. The audit team undergoes rigorous training in contemporary audit practices before being assigned to assess your general practice. The assessment process is conducted once every three years. The audit team visits each location that your practice operates from and during their time onsite will review records and documents, observe operations, and interview staff and patients (with consent). During the assessment process, your practice must demonstrate how you meet the intent of each Indicator within the Standards. How you choose to demonstrate this is at your discretion.
At the conclusion of the on-site audit the findings will be presented to your organisation’s management and other interested parties in relation to conformity with the Standard’s requirements.

Follow up actions

The Lead Auditor will explain what follow-up action is required to resolve any actions that are found to be not met during the assessment. You will have 65 days to resolve these.

Formal accreditation decision and registration

IHCA Certification will provide a written report to your practice and issue a Certificate of Accreditation against the Standard if there are no outstanding actions that are not met. Upon accreditation, your organisation will be issued with a certificate confirming your organisation’s conformance to the standards and the right to use IHCA Certification’s distinctive symbol in promotional activities. Information about your assessment is provided to the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (the Commission) and the General Practice Accreditation Coordinating Committee.

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